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Written by on November 2, 2021

NDI® Remote is a tool to share or receive an NDI® source over the internet. The tool allows you to quickly send a link to someone you would like to send video into your production. NDI® Remote is managed directly through NDI® Studio Monitor and it allows you to create a remote connection with another computer using a link. NDI® Remote is designed to support one remote NDI® source. In the next chapter, you will learn about NDI® Bridge which is designed to send groups of NDI® sources over the internet. 

NDI Remote

NDI® Remote offers the option to create a link and share it with someone via email. It will also create a QR code that can easily be scanned by a smartphone. The system uses WebRTC, an industry-standard technology used for sharing audio and video sources over the internet. The great thing about WebRTC is that it will work with almost any computer that has a modern web browser. Google Chrome is a popular web browser that works with WebRTC. 

Once the far end device has connected to the link provided by NDI® Remote video will be made available on the local area network (LAN) as an NDI® source. In the picture above you can see, there are multiple options available to adjust the video being sent over the internet. For example, small icons are available to control lighting, mute audio, and choose resolution options. Users can decide to mute their microphones, switch cameras, adjust video settings, and more. NDI® Remote is an easy tool to bring remote guests directly into an NDI® video production environment. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. NDI® Remote is a simple way to connect a remote video source to your NDI® production environment.
  2. NDI® Remote uses  WebRTC which provides a single link to link a remote site into an NDI® video production environment. 

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