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Written by on September 25, 2020

We are very excited to announce the release of The Unofficial Guide to vMix. This book is a complete guide to the live streaming software known as vMix. Here at the StreamGeeks we use vMix almost every day. Many of you guys, our readers and friends, also use vMix. Whether you are a vMix pro or just starting to live stream, here’s why we think you will like this book.

The Unofficial Guide to vMix

This well-organized book walks you through each major feature of vMix. Sometimes it’s nice to step back and see the full picture of vMix. vMix can do a lot of things, and this book will help you wrap your head around the possibilities. This unofficial guide also follows the vMix Udemy course you can take here. The book goes into details that you might not find on your own, without hours of searching online. If you are interested in taking your live-streaming capabilities to the next level, consider vMix.

Pro vMix Tips

Throughout the book, you will find pro vMix user tips. Each chapter will uncover new features inside of vMix along with pro tips to help you give context to their use cases. In fact, the book includes several interesting case studies you can read about to see the full potential of vMix in various scenarios. Reading the book and then taking the online course will fully prepare anyone interested in vMix to become a video producer.

Mindful Video Production

Learn about a live streaming software like vMix is one thing. But what about learning how to produce a great live stream. In this book, you will learn how to make mindful decisions about live video production. Yes, you will learn how to add inputs, mix them together, and use transitions. But this book takes your learning further into the actual when and why you should use video production styles and techniques. This is not necessarily a broadcast technique book, but it applies live streaming knowledge the author has gained over six years of vMix usage.

A Guide to vMix from Paul Richards

A Guide to vMix from Paul Richards

It’s written by the StreamGeeks!

The final reason you should check this book out is because it’s written by the StreamGeeks. If you have read any of the other books available from the StreamGeeks than you should know already. These are fun, informative books that can take your video production skills to the next level. Check out the links below to access your free or paperback copy of the book.

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