A look at OBS 24 (Open Broadcaster Software)

Written by on August 27, 2019

Open Broadcaster Software is now on version 24.0, or at least offering a new candidate for release. Some of our favorite new features demonstrated in our video is the ability to quickly pause recordings, the dynamic bitrate adjustments and of course the custom browser docks. Check it all out in our live demonstration video!

Dockable Camera controller for OBS 24

Dockable Camera controller for OBS 24

Here are some of the new features coming to version 24.0:

  • The long-requested ability to pause recordings
  • A new option to use dynamic bitrate adjustment while streaming instead of dropping frames when internet is congested for whatever reason
  • The ability to control browser source audio volume with the audio mixer, as well as apply audio filters, and output audio to stream only rather than desktop audio
  • The ability to create custom browser dock widgets so you can have custom web pages opened whenever OBS is opened
  • Hardware-accelerated decoding of H264 media files in the media source
  • Updated x264, FFmpeg, and CEF versions on Windows.  x264, in particular, has a number of new optimizations that should improve performance for anyone using software encoding
  • A whole lot of minor optimizations to the program

It’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.   If you would like to help test the new release, you can grab it here.  Otherwise, it’ll be ready within the next week or two.  If you have any issues with the release candidate builds, please report it to us on the #beta-testing channel of our Discord, or in the 24.0 Release Candidate thread on the forums.


Random tech fact of the week (Tess) – Who is the author of OBS? It’s a collaboration between many authors but Hugh “Jim” Bailey is generally considered the original creator of OBS.

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