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Written by on November 2, 2021

While most production software packages and hardware switchers have some built-in graphics generation capabilities, many productions require even more power and control. In professional, fast-moving environments, graphics creation often happens at a dedicated workstation. In some cases, multiple workstations are used to keep up with on-the-fly graphics design and editing. 

Two computers connected with NDI® in a live production environment.

With NDI®, graphics and titles can be generated anywhere on the network and used immediately as a production source. Using an additional computer for graphics and title generation allows small teams to collaborate in a live production environment. It also distributes the workload away from the technical director or switcher operator who often has more tasks then they can handle on their own. NDI® makes it easy for a dedicated graphics operator to create and manage graphics so they are ready to go when needed by a producer on the same network. 

NewTek offers a standalone, NDI®-compatible program called NewTek Live Text, which turns any PC into a standalone graphics and titling workstation. Titles and graphics can be built on the fly and sent to another computer running OBS, or another NDI®-compatible production switcher in real-time. Users can quickly add custom titles, graphics, scores, stats, and clocks.

Lower third plugin for OBS

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) offers a free animated lower thirds plugin to generate graphics. To use NDI® with  OBS, all that’s required is a free NDI® plugin. The NDI® plugin for OBS allows you to output the entire production of OBS as an NDI® source or an individual source.

NDI® also offers an Adobe Creative Cloud plugin that works with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. This allows graphic designers to run animated titles, motion graphics, looping effects, and more in a live production environment. Other popular NDI®-enabled presentation software includes ProPresenter and Easy Worship. ProPresenter makes presentations look more professional with masks, overlays, slides, and announcements but generally requires a dedicated operator. Using an NDI® video output from ProPresenter, the operator can easily send the graphics to a livestream producer on another computer on the network. NDI® video can be used with an alpha channel which provides users with a transparent layer of video. Video with an alpha channel can easily be layered on top of camera sources for example to create a seamless integration for video productions. 


In addition to NewTek’s offerings, there are several software packages dedicated to graphics generation that are NDI®-compatible. From simple titles to professional broadcast news options, a variety of software can add a higher level of graphics to your NDI® production network. Some of the options are from RT Software, Nexus Celio, Panamation, and NewBlueFX. For a collection of official NDI® products, go to:

Key Takeaways:

  1. As your video productions grow more sophisticated, working with graphics software is often necessary. 
  2. NDI® is an ideal way to connect a computer running graphics software to another system that’s used for live streaming or video production.

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